MLM Recruiting In 2012

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I noticed a few changes in MLM recruiting trends as the year 2012 started. First, the old blatant advertising methods will not work this year anymore. In the past, all it takes to make money online is to put up a lead capture page, send a dozen autoresponder letters, and promise the moon to the web visitors. Today, it doesn't work anymore...

Today, the outcry of the search engines and human readers is quality, quality, quality.

Lead capture pages are out. Content rich landing pages are in. Plainly commercialized autoresponder email are out. Good content and engaging info is more IN than ever.

So what does this have to do with MLM recruiting?


You see, the internet is radically evolving into a place where low quality info are filtered out and only good quality info remain.

Which means, if you simply publish your affiliate link online, and flash a curiosity headline to impulse people into buying, people will detect it's a mere marketing.

This doesn't mean though, that you need to have a highly complicated website to market online. My humble network marketing website is a simple HTML formatted page, but it is one heck of a sponsoring machine.

Welcome 2012. Marketers are out. Content lovers are in. :)

Over the last couple of days I've received some phone calls from a couple of network marketers wanting me to take a examine their network marketing and advertising opportunity. During the course of this contact I noticed they are making the top ten network marketing mistakes with regard to their online marketing and advertising. So this write-up aims to show the errors they're creating and why. I have NOT used real names in this post.


Paul,found my cell phone number on a networkers web site and sent me a text to ask me to take a his company chance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this, BUT (and this is actually a huge but) he apologised for texting me!!! Please guys in no way apologise, this only tells your prospect which you lack confidence in either your self or your enterprise and does not show you to be a accurate leader. When I'm looking for an individual to partner up with, I'm looking for a leader. This has to be the biggest of the top ten network marketing mistakes there's going.


Paul gave me his companies replicated URL, Sadly these replicated sites aren't perfect for prospecting and it tells me extremely little about the person I could be working with, It truly is much better to steer clear of using those replicated sites as much as feasible instead promote yourself and your leadership.


Following calling me several days later, to be told that I wasn't thinking about his chance at this time, and why he thanked me for my time and left. Ok so what's the dilemma here? Well fundamentally he wasted a prospect!! He may well not have sold to me at this time, but he knows I'm somebody who may possibly be interested in some thing else, If I'd been on a contact list he would have been able to keep in touch with me with other provides or opportunities he discovered in the future. Bear in mind, because someone says no nowadays doesn't mean they'll still say no at a later date, either to your primary or an additional opportunity. Get this one leading ten network advertising strategy right and you could earn much more from men and women that say no then you do from those that sign up!

Several days later I received yet another phone call from Sue, Sue I believe is Paul's upliner within the business and she was calling me simply because Paul had told her I was a network marketer and he felt I would be brilliant in his team! He had realised this simply because throughout our initial contacts I had 'turned the tables' and promoted my own enterprise and had him opt in to my mailing list!!


During our conversation I laughed and told Sue she is definitely an excellent sales individual, she is quite good on the phone, to which she retorted 'I'm not a salesman, I just adore the enterprise!' I'm sorry to burst your bubble Sue but network marketing and advertising Is actually a sales and marketing and advertising job!!! You must find out sales and marketing to be able to succeed in this business.


Sue then proceeded to go via the compensation plan with me,but unfortunately she didn't take into account the type of personality I have, and so didn't tailor her 'pitch' to appeal to me. As an example: one of the four personality kinds is monetary orientation, so had I been one of these folks her 'pitch' would have been spot on. Unfortunately, I'm much more of the outcomes orientation personality so it would have been much more advantageous if she'd talked much more about the outcomes she is getting, how and in what kind of timeframe.


During the course of our conversation Sue told me she was doing something 'she wouldn't usually do' and she then proceeded to give me the generic URL for yet another business that she said she wasn't interested in as she only wanted to develop one business. Following the call I took a look and thought what a waste!! The organization she had suggested to me would have been perfect for her to lead with supplying a lot of fantastic advertising training for her prospects, providing content and positioning her as an expert in her field. Once she has this trust she would have discovered it much simpler to sign them into her primary organization. They even have an affiliate program so if she signed up to that and gave that link out she would have created a residual income from those individuals, like myself, who say no.


Neither Paul or Sue where at fault here they both know their product nicely, So just be aware that a great sales person must be their own best customer. They need to enjoy the item, and use it themselves regularly


I've already touched on this earlier inside the article, so all I am going to add here will be the need to generate leads for your business. An opt in page where you give away some free of charge training or valuable details is perfect for this. Not every person that comes to your web site will buy immediately, the truth is most won't, the problem is once they leave your site they forget about you and go to the competition, harsh but true I'm afraid. So ensure you get them to opt in to a mailing list this way you'll be able to keep in touch with them and they're far far more likely to buy from you when they know you.


You don't necessarily need to write all the content yourself, there are a number of outsourcing alternatives available that you can utilise normally quite cheaply too. But the bottom line here is supply very good good quality details -no sales pitch, This could possibly be through articles submitted to directories like, blogging, video's, or even webinars now days. All these boost you up as an expert eyes of other people, as well as a leader they would like to function with.


Paul kind of had this appropriate when he scoured a market networking site for leads and then went on to contact us all, but wouldn't it be less difficult to have great targeted prospects come to you? Is that even probable? Well actually yes it really is, and particularly if you are taking heed of rule 9 above!! Prior to you generate your content, do your marketplace analysis making use of tools like Google's keyword tool or even Market Samurai to find out what your prospects are searching for on the web, then generate your content around those keywords optimising them to reach the front page of Google's search. This will provide you with no cost traffic if done correctly, and provided you have an opt in mailing list will generate you leads for free of charge too.

Imagine if you could work for less than an hour a day and still attract 10-20 new leads per day... or more. Imagine personally sponsoring 10-15 new team builders per month without annoying friends and family or wasting time cold calling tire-kickers and people not interested in your opportunity. Imagine finally using a proven attraction marketing system literally guaranteed to produce a result once you have it set up.
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